How to install the images, and explain Alpakab
Other options through Alr.s.

Dreambox OptiFlasher

Devices on Dreambox 500

The program works for Dreambox dm 500 s
And is of Arab creativity Every Thanksgiving through Yassin YASSINOV
This wonderful ...

General characteristics of the program:

- Special devices, only 500s

- Backup Pakab take a picture of the vehicle on the Dreambox
- Dreambox Reload this crude form of pictures and photos Alpakab img format yas all
- Take to the settings Pakab
- Re-installation settings (channels, files and favorites, etc. ...)
- Reconstruction of the state of Dream Factory

Benefits of the program:

- The factor of time it takes a very short
- Get rid of the problem Allampeh Green
Especially when you pass over the images pli
Photos Djimina ... and a lot

Cable guide


Network cable rj45

To download
Dreambox OptiFlasher v1.0.1

Download DreamBox-OptiFlasher-v1.0.1.rar from - send big files the easy way

This interface program
After decompressing


For how to deal with the program

After opening the program
Put the initial settings

1 - Ebbe Dreambox
2 - user name is root
3 - normal, a bass dreambox
That has not been changed
4 - and then we press connect
Contact Baldereym


Then the connection is successfully As you can see
Underneath the picture
Of course, if the settings are correct


Now we come to explain some characteristics of the program


Read IMAGE Backup

A - Pakab take a picture of the composite device

For explanation of how these photographer
1 - we press the mouse on the property the first program
And to activate
2 - then put pressure on Do Job


Show us the picture as below
Choose a place to save Alpakab then we call as starch
Then we press save as you see


Note: Formula Alpakab be yas


Then we go to the place or folder that we save the Alpakab
The result ...



ReadUser Data / Settings Backup

B - take a copy of the settings as channels + satellite + favorites, etc. ...

1 - do you see as the third option
2 - put pressure on Do Job
Will show us the picture as below


3 - choose the name of the image focused on any device that Snakhadd Pakab
To their settings


For example, choose Other
Because the image is used
It ...

4 - pressure to confirm


Will show us the following picture
Do the same thing as in the method of taking Alpakab
Call any file and determine where to save
Then put pressure on the save
As you can see below


Go to the place we made the conservation

Alenttejh ...



Write IMAGE / Restore Backup / Recovery

C - pass the image of the device or Pakab

Very important
Must be that the picture format img
Yas and Alpakab format only

1 - do the second option as
2 - than the pressure on Do Job also points the arrow below


Then define the place of the image to be passed to the Dream


Note that the update will start
And the process is time-consuming reverse Dream program in August


Phone is being updated


Wait until the update is complete 100/1 00


And finally


- Other options

Write User Data / Settings Backup

Pass the file channels / satellites and Favorites


Mlahzha we want to pass a file Pakab Settings

Must be two images of the same name
That we take any of them Alpakab which we want to
Pass to do so Alpakab
Means of an image to pli pli
Of the image to Nmcis Nmcis .. and so on



E - reset factory


Explanation finished

I hope to take advantage of all and can not do without your suggestions

N a God that will appeal to everyone