Dream Elite 4.0 001r005-DM800SEV2 -ramiMAHER#ssl88a


enigma2 patched :2014/02/19: by ramiMAHER

New bootlogo New skin METRO (Thanks Spark and Mmark)
New DTT panel
New DTT drivers on dm7020HDV1-V2, DM800HDSEV2, DM500HDSEV2 and soon on all models
(Thanks to Bobsilvio)

New USB detection (customized USB is now recognized in all functions included channel list)

New DEsetting function (autoupdate channel list, set and forget function)

New Interactive button (automatically shows green button on interactive channel)
New extra feed for non common packages requirements
Enhanced Interactive Mosaics plugin (now with more providers)
Enhanced compressed file installation
Language fixes Dream Elite Manager v. 2.64 All Dream-Multimedia updates as per git.opendreambox.org Git
Enigma2 specs : Kernel version 3.2.54
Enigma2 version 20140219

Drivers 20131228


Dream Elite 4.0 001r005-DM800SEV2 -ramiMAHER#ssl88a