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X-Streamity - Xtream Codes IPTV Player



Apr 28, 2022
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How to use X-Streamity

Install the .ipk or .deb file depending on your image.
By default the plugin appears in your plugins. Can be set to appear in main menu via the settings page.
Firstly press "Menu" button on the main screen and setup your main settings.
The main settings are global and effect all playlists.

Add Playlist

You can either enter your playlist details via the "Add" option on main screen.
Alternatively you can manually enter your playlist details via the playlists.txt file
Manual entry is in the format of
Edit playlist

Use this screen to amend your details and set your playlist stream types.
Especially important if you have manually entered your details via playlists.txt file.
EPG times will probably be offset when using this plugin. i.e might be 3 hours ahead.
Use the EPG timeshift option to adjust the times of your Live channels EPG.

Delete playlist

Delete playlist does not permantly delete your playlist.
This option puts a hash "#" on the line of your playlists in the playlists.txt file.
This comments out the playlist so it does not get shown in your list.
If you wish to permantly delete playlist. Remove the line manually from your playlists.txt file

User Info

This screen shows details information about your playlist account.
Including allowed stream types. Max users. Expiry date and your playlist URL for use in other applications.


The settings page are the global settings for the plugin and all your playlists.

Category List

< - Page Up
> - Page Down
0 - Return to Top
Red - Exit or Previous Screen
Green - Next Screen or Play
Yellow - Sort. Each press of yellow buttons sorts the lists as per the button description
Blue - Search.
Search - Only searches the current list on the left. It doesn't search sub folders.
If you wish to search all. Select the "All" category and search inside that category.
Selecting "All" might be slow to load.


No picons/Vod Covers are showing.

Picons and VOD covers references are brought in my your provider. If these are empty then that is a provider issue.

EPG times are incorrect.

The majority of proividers will probably have a different timezone than your local timezone.
To adjust your EPG timeshift go into main screen. Highlight your provider and click "Edit" (Yellow).
EPG timeshift is at the bottom of the list.
EPG Timeshift is correct - but some times are out.
This seems to be a provider data issue. Contact your provider explaining the times are wrong for their enigma2.php API.

Your plugin says my playlist is incompatible or no data.

This plugin is for xtream codes playlists only it will not play any other type of playlist.
Not all playlists will be 100% compatible.
Lots of main IPTV providers are UK football blocked and will therefore be off when the football is on.
Lots of IPTV providers are GEO locked to a specific country. Try using a VPN for the GEO location of provider.

My playlists plays in another plugin but not in XStreamity

This plugin uses a small quick and simple API to bring in simplified data.
Some other plugins use the more advanced larger and slower API.
The 2 APIs are totally different.
Unfortunately if your playlist is not compatible, then you cannot use Xstreamity

Video resolution incorrect in infobar

It has been reported that exteplayer (5002) is showing incorrect video resolutions.
I cannot fix that, but if your press TV/PVR button to change the stream type to 4097. The resolution shown will be correct

Screen is just black when playing streams.

Press TV/PVR button while the stream is playling to toggle through the different stream types.
You might need to also edit your playlist settings to be a different stream type for that provider.
If all stream types have been tried and you still get a black screen, then it is probably just a dead stream.

I am getting a PVR screen overlay when showing infobar.

For example some skins have a seperate screen for the Play/Pause/FF state.
There is a setting on your box that you can turn on to remove this screen.
Normally lives under OSD settings.
Show PVR status in MoviePlayer Infobar. Set it to "YES"

This should fix any crashes people are getting....but some images like dreambox and older images might still experience freezes as this data is being processed. Hopefully not to much of a delay.

We still working on other solutions, but for now this is the best we got for dreambox and older images.

XStreamity v3.85

Non urgent update, just prepping for a future depreciated PIL library element.

thanks KiddaC
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Just added the updated italian translations posted last week

thanks KiddaC
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XStreamity v3.86

A bit of a blitz of issues raised lately. Although I am not meant to be working on this plugin.
Tweaked failing links. Shouldn't crash your box now
Port is no longer required and can be left out
IMDB link now selects what is highlighted in VOD and not what is playing
Streamplayer live infobar now updates on playing stream or pressing OK button. i.e Progress bar and current epg refresh

Thanks KiddaC
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XStreamity v3.88

Removed six.ensure_str from the download manager for people with older images.
Tried fixing dead streams error again - I think I might have been endless looping in the last fix
Hopefully fixed the live progress bar on the streamplayer for non UK users
Returning to Live list after playing stream, should now also update epg. (yeah)
Fixed epg download headers.
Fixed Blank port numbers code - you might need to reset json (blue button main menu) if your provider port is blank (sorry)

Thanks KiddaC
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X-Streamity - Official Release.
V 3.89 - 10/01/2023

Fixed live/catchup description disappearing on selection change.

Added in a new error catch for server error or invalid references.

thanks KiddaC
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X-Streamity - Official Release.

V 3.90 - 18/01/2023

Added a catch for division by zero error in the downloader Honki
Added in some more catches for adult channels with parental control saerdnast
Hiding/Showing channels also now asks for pin if parental control turned on
Adjusted the time function for adult channels for non UK users. Once pin entered on a channel it shouldn't ask again for 15 mins. Settings and hide will always ask.
Done some prep work for changing how I sort/filter lists to possible allow user default selection for each level.

Thanks KiddaC
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X-Streamity - Official Release.
V 3.91 - 19/01/2023

fixed parental control crashing python 2.7 images

thanks KiddaC
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XStreamity V3.92

Fixed an issue for providers that use satellite sid refs for the epg and therefore need epgimporter. (most dont)
Also fixed a bug for epgimporter for https lines, that seems to have been an error in my code for quite some time

I recommend you delete all epg folders for this release in either etc/enigma2/xstreamity/epg or where ever you have set your epg folder to
Also clear the epgimporter files for xstreamity and let them rebuild from scratch. /etc/epgimport/xstreamity...

Then visit your providers live channel list to initialise it
Then manual download epg again

thanks KiddaC
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X-Streamity - Official Release.

V 3.93 - 26/01/2023

thanks KiddaC
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XStreamity v3.94

Just changing the way I close url connections once a file is downloaded.
Might help with the issue people are having with downloading large EPGs from flakey servers.

thanks KiddaC
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X-Streamity - Official Release.

V 3.95 - 03/02/2023

thanks KiddaC
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X-Streamity - Official Release.

V 3.96 - 04/02/2023

thanks KiddaC
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Xstreamity V3.98 (what happens at v4)

Fixed short epg (long press of epg button), by using other api command.
I already had all the code in there to do this. Only had to amend one url and add one line to strip out previous results.

Also added back in some menu bars on playlists screen.

thanks KiddaC
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buenos dias, tengo una duda, se puede tener 2 app para usar esto ? es decir, tengo multi-stalker puesto, puedo meter xtream tambien ???
buenos dias, tengo una duda, se puede tener 2 app para usar esto ? es decir, tengo multi-stalker puesto, puedo meter xtream tambien ???

si lo que no puedes usarlos a la misma vez , en plugins puedes meter de todo
X-Streamity - Official Release.

V 3.99 - 20/02/2023

A few translations updated... er.. czech and slovak I think

Added in new dreambox UHD skins. seagen

thanks KiddaC
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XStreamity v4.00

Reverted my user-agent string to help fix providers not loading that had gzipped content.
Also removed some noise from log files. Probably doesn't effect many people unless you always have debug logs on (which you shouldn't).

thanks KiddaC
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X-Streamity - Official Release.
V 4.01 - 07/03/2023

Right mofos stop finding bugs.
Fixed invalid playlists.txt location crash. It now gets reset if invalid. Melgas
Updated all the translation po files from source again, if anyone want to update their missing elements.

thanks KiddaC
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Buenos dias,

Me estoy metiendo con esto de la IPTV.

En un Formuler F4, con Openatv 6.0.

He instalado el X-Streamity ultima version, el serviceapp y todo lo que he leido que habia que instalar.

El Plugin funciona, carga la lista perfectamente (la lista funciona en una Smart TV siin problema), selecciono un canal, le reproduzco, y se ve. Pero a los 15-20 segundos, se congela la imagen y ahi se queda. Tengo que salir y volver para que se reproduzca otros 15 segundos.

Estuve leyendo e instale otro plugin que en teoria es para controlar esto, el Quarterpounder, pero nada, se queda colgado de igual manera.

Os ha pasado a alguno algo similar?


********************* EDITO

Bueno, ya he solucionado, actualizando Openatv a la 7.2.

Todo funciona.

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Update 09/04/2023

-Just added in all the latest language translations people have posted in the last few weeks.

Just to let you all know, at the end of this month I will be abandoning support for python 2.7 images.
It's time to move on now.
I wont be stripping out any existing code yet, but I will no longer be testing or fixing python 2.7 images/errors.
And for those using older images and older boxes, it might mean you will no longer be able to use latest versions of my plugins.